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Questions on Writing

I hear you are writing a book.  What is it about?

I am indeed writing a book – my first.  It is titled From Board Rooms to High Chairs, and it is a guide to help moms transition from life as a working mom to life as a stay-at-home mom.  I have been a stay-at-home mom at two very different points in my life, and I have learned that the challenges as a mom of only one baby, at 21-years-old, are exactly the same as the challenges of six children at 39-years-old.  It is a tough job.  From Board Rooms to High Chairs give you practical tips and advise to help you out along the way.

How is this book different than other guides for stay-at-home moms?

I have found that other guides focus quite a bit on validating what a stay-at-home mom does and feels.  While I believe this is very important, it is not the focus of From Board Rooms to High ChairsFrom Board Rooms offers very practical, hands-on tips for moms to start using today.  These tips range from everything such as how to fit in a shower to how to travel with children to how to tell if your child is a bully.  Other books may share a tip here and there, but From Board Rooms is chock-full of practical, useful information.

From Board Rooms to High Chairs is also different from other stay-at-home guides because it helps moms to set their days up as if raising their kids is their new career.  From Board Rooms covers a mom’s work environment, a household’s policies and procedures, a mom’s job description, and a mom’s networking capabilities, just to name a few.  The guide mirrors all the important aspects of a work environment, but brings them home to mom.

You are writing a book and writing a blog. What else are you working on?

I have a variety of interests and can write on a lot of different topics, such as running, exercise, scrapbooking, photography, self-improvement, and etc., but my specialty is parenting articles.  With a background in social work, I can easily write content for anyone looking for someone with parenting expertise.  I have almost two decades of personal experience as a mom!  But, I also have a wealth of professional experience.  I have taken parenting classes, taught parenting classes, and worked as an advocate for parents.  I have counseled children of all ages, facilitated social skills groups and taught anger management classes.  I have worked with families in crises and families that need just a bit of support.  I even ran a daycare, in my younger days!

I am also a grant-writer.  I used to be the Director of Family Services, at a community action agency, which required program management and grant-writing.  I loved my job!  I wrote federal, state and local grants to acquire funds to keep our services going for families in need.  Now I write grants for non-profits.  My next big project?  I plan to entice my son’s track coach to let me start fundraising efforts for a track and field.  My boys go to a small school that does not have a track.  They do, however, have some very talented athletes, who deserve a track and field to practice on!


Questions on Parenting

How do you do it?

Being a parent is tough.  I don’t care if you are raising one child or six.  It takes a lot of love and self-sacrificing, which can be exhausting.  How do I do it?  With a lot of love.  And a lot of patience.  And a lot of help.    No kidding.  It truly takes a village to raise a child, and if you are trying to raise six of them, it takes a whole county!

I also pray a lot.  Selfishly, I’m afraid.  I pray for my children, but I mostly pray for myself.  Particularly for patience. Lots and lots of patience!  I’ve also prayed for strength. We may not all be praying folks, but it is important to find something outside of yourself to turn to for love, support and guidance, when you are a parent.

Why are your boys such good boys?

I get this a lot.  My oldest three truly are amazing.  (The jury is still out on the youngest three!)  Over the years, I have pondered this question a lot.  I always assumed that it had to do with my own parenting skills.  I figured I must be a pretty awesome mom!  😉

It just dawned on me recently, however, that my boys aren’t such nice boys because of me.  They are such nice boys because of their father.  He is an amazing man.  And he has raised some amazing young men.

What is your grocery bill like?

With six boys, everyone wants to know what I spend on groceries.  And I can honestly say, we spend somewhere between $600-$1000 a month on groceries, depending on the season.  For a family our size, that is not bad.  (Considering a low-cost food plan for four is about $800 a month.)  However, we eat meatless meals once or twice a week.  We garden, can and freeze.  We use coupons.  And we buy very little junk food.  My poor kids do not get chips and pop on a regular basis.  Or any prepackaged, convenience foods.  We do a lot of home-cooked meals, revolving around the good old-fashioned “meat and potato“.  And to be perfectly honest, my mom supplies all of the baked goods and yummies.  🙂


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